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Hooray! The Food Explorer has won another award!


Gold Winner -'s Travel Blog Awards 2012

Yet another accolade to add to honours from Cisco top blogs and BBC top travel pics, here is the latest praise for the blog. Thanks to and all those animal parts and strange food various which contributed to this award. *sobs in gratitude*

) The Food Explorer – found tweeting @thefoodexplorer
This blog gets top marks for the quality of food-related content rarely seen anywhere else, but perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. The author of this friendly, diary-style blog is freelance food and travel journalist Catherine Quinn, who’s a qualified nutritionist and regular contributor to likes of The Guardian, Times and Independent, as well as some of the UK’s best-love magazine titles. Her reviews are so engaging, we can’t get enough and say hats off to anyone who’s tried – and enjoyed – barbecued testicles.