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Argentina, Buenos Aires, Barbecued Testicles


Argentina is famous for epic barbecues (asadas) and of all the griddled bits testicles are one of the most highly prized. I’ve been to a fair few asadas in Argentina, but on this occasion I was in a fancy Buenos Aires grillhouse when the chance to sample testicles came up.

Raw testicles image courtesy of

My male companion at the time went literally green as I placed my order and stated quite categorically that he would not be eating any of the testicles.

Six were duly grilled and served up rolling around the plate, and looking all too testicle like. Not half as gruesome as the above (raw) pic, but still unmistakable. I didn’t take a picture, but they looking reasonable enough despite the shape – homogenous of colour and the same shade as cooked offal.

I cut into the first and was surprised to find the texture the same throughout. From my experiences with the human equivalent I imagined the inside of the testicle to be liquid, perhaps, or at least entertaining some different sacs or vesicles. Instead it was like cutting into a solid chunk of processed meat – all fine grained and inoffensive.

First bite and the flavour was amazing. Really, really delicious. And certainly understandable why they were a delicacy. The barbecue flavour was evident, and teamed with moist succulent meat. Yum.

My reaction persuaded the male companion to have a dubious bite, and he also admitted them to be delicious. In fact he went on to eat four of the six, proving that testicles can weaken a man’s resolve in more ways than one.

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