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Pig Fat Dip in Dresden


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Of all the countries in the world, Germany is the place for pig. Good pig. Tasty pig. But what I didn’t realise, is that pig fat is also a popular side dish. Unlike most of my other food explorations, this was an accidental ingesting.

This happened in the stunning German town of Dresden – completely rebuilt in the last decade to be a carbon copy of pre-war prettiness. The Hansel and Gretel type town centres which used to abound. Before, of course, England carpet bombed the sh*t out of the place, in an act which would have been deemed a war crime, were history not written by the winners.

One of the amazing building left (partially) standing was the Powder Tower (The Pulvertum). As the name suggests, this building was once used to store gunpowder. But nowadays it works as a brilliant Medieval theme restaurant. Complete with costumed waiters, actors who play medieval gentry folk, and loads of war props which you probably shouldn’t touch, but it’s just too tempting.

In any case, I was here on a press trip with an amazing group of people. For which blame the reason for my not noticing that what I thought was a tasty dip, was in fact, pure pork fat with bacon bits. Designed solely for spreading on bread as butter, and not for dipping like salsa.

Unfortunately I only noticed this after consuming an entire bowl – I would estimate 2000 calories of pork fat. Oh dear. Luckily I still managed to pack down the rest of the selection. Roast pork with sauerkraut,  and a great big cream-filled dessert.

If you’re in Dresden (which I would recommend, it’s a beautiful place), I would definitely give the pork fat a go. Just remember to spread, not dip.

Dresden Tourism:

Powder Tower An Der Frauenkirche 12, Dresden, Germany

Tel: +49 351 26 2600 /+49 351 262 6011 • Web: Visit this site »

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